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RE: [css-d] CSS in Netscape 4.78 & older versions

Sent by Chris Hunter on 28 January 2002 11:11

I stumbled over a very disturbing problem using CSS. 
Maybe anyone has an idea what to avoid in this context.

We've a site that works great with IE, and NN 4.79 and
up. Loading time for the pages is ususally <1 second.

However, Netscape Navigator 4.76 and 4.78 need 20-40
seconds to render each page, depending on the machine!

Does anyone have a hint what to look for? What are the
CSS constructs to avoid? What does work? 

	Some folks here had encountered this problem and
	worked around it by including their stylesheet inline,
	rather than as an attachment.

	This solved the rendering speed problem, but at
	the cost of adding size to each and every page.

	Perhaps a partial solution. I'd be interested if
	someone has a better one.

	Chris Hunter
	UI Developer
	Motive, Inc.
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