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Re: [css-d] Intermediaries

Sent by Simon Seeber on 28 January 2002 11:11

>The difference between CSS-based hacks and the older html-based hacks
>is that the CSS hacks are done once in one place.
>Yes, they are necessary at the moment, but I naively like to believe
>that over time the browsers will handle CSS in a more
>standards-compliant way and the hacks will no longer be necessary, as
>older browsers drop out of use - then it is a one-time 10-second fix
>to update the css file for the site :)

These 'hacks' aren't really hacks because they are usually valid CSS.
In my experience there are two types of 'hacks'.
The ones where there is one specific solution that will work in all 
browsers, but it takes and long time and a lot of experimenting to 
find, and the ones that are based on redundancies. That is, while IE5 
PC understands


it doesn't understand


Where as IE 6 understands both. Using this you can tell IE5 PC to do 
one thing and IE 6 to do another. As a browser matures and 
understands the more complex CSS better, then it will ignore the 
other instructions. In which case the CSS doesn't need to be updated, 
because the browser figures out what to do itself.
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