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vertical CSS sliding menu (?)

Sent by Paul Novitski on 4 June 2004 18:06

At 09:30 AM 6/4/2004, [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:
>I am looking to do a CSS based menu similiar to the son of suckerfish 
>dropdowns talked about here: 
>I want the menu to be vertical, though and to have the submenus to appear 
>to the right of the main menu. I can't figure out what exactly needs to be 
>changed with the suckerfish menu in order for this to happen, or if it is 
>indeed possible. Can someone point me in the right direction or provide 
>links which could help me out?


I haven't played with the suckerfish markup, so my comments will be 

I'd say the fundamental rule is to set display: block; to stack objects 
vertically and display: inline; to array them horizontally.

When I switch a group of list items between the horizontal & vertical 
planes I have to tweak their margins, padding, etc. to get them to look the 
way I want, because of the very different behavior & constraints of objects 
resting against each other in those two dimensions.  I haven't boiled this 
down to a pat set of rules because it seems to vary so much with the 
overall look I'm pursuing, but maybe someone else here has distilled a 
small set of minimum guidelines.

When you're converting an existing good-looking menu from vertical to 
horizontal or vice versa, where the first & second meny levels lie in the 
two different planes, you can make a substantial headstart by swapping 
attributes between the two levels.


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