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Re: [css-d] CSS is too elegant?

Sent by Owen Briggs on 25 January 2002 00:12

this is what i've been calling the "first glance intimidation
factor", and i believe it's a real issue.

when i started, i did a view source and figured i could learn
html, so i did. i doubt i'd have the same reaction today.

few people will start this skill if all they're going to achieve in
the first evenings is the equivalent of "hello world."

at the moment i'm suggesting we do things like depositories
of robust css skins, the same way the kids make and trade
winamp skins. this way people will have a solid start point
for their first site that they can tweak and learn from without
losing enthusiasm due to dullness from rudimentary skills.

it'll take more than this, but it's a first thought.

1/24/02 9:01:27 PM, Ziya Oz [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

>Dave Strus wrote:
>> I think it's a good idea to take it a step at a time.
>Maybe this didn't come across quite right. I'm not worried
about my own
>ability to grok CSS. I'm worried about the complexity of the
spec set and
>implementation issues impeding adoption rates and

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