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RE: [css-d] Elementary problems...

Sent by Merkey, Brett on 28 January 2002 09:09

|  In IE5.5/6 the DIV "id=content" does not extend fully to the 
|  right, there is
|  a vertical band about 10px wide on the right, even though 
|  width is set to
|  100%.
|  I have a vertical scrollbar (IE 5.5/6) on all pages even 
|  when the content
|  does not fill the vertical space available.

IE's irritating "ghost" vertical scrollbar can be eliminated
by setting overflow:hidden or overflow:auto on either the
BODY or HTML tags. Be aware that overflow:auto may cause
Netscape 6 to poop, so overflow:hidden is better if you are 
certain the page will not scroll.

IE has always had a problem with setting top-level elements
to 100% width. Various excuses, various fixes, but always
the problem comes back in some form in every version. 

Since IE4 I have avoided most problems by setting width to 
99% for DIVs, TABLEs, etc. Close enough for my work but I 
suspect not good enough for the design artistes among us!

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