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Re: [css-d] Elementary problems...

Sent by Karen J. Bowen on 28 January 2002 08:08

Tony, unfortunately I'm not sure of the answer to your problem, sorry.

But your problems with IE (and the difference bwn the IE & moz versions 
of your page) made me think it's probably time now for me to check with 
IE this site that I've been building - while developing I've been using 

And - whoa!!  Awful, truly awful.  Which made me laugh, as I thought how 
annoying it is to now have to do some alternate code for IE.  heheh - 
how ironic.  ;-)


Tony Leach wrote:

> In IE5.5/6 the DIV "id=content" does not extend fully to the right, there is
> a vertical band about 10px wide on the right, even though width is set to
> 100%.
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