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Re: [css-d] form style reference

Sent by Matthias Gutfeldt on 28 January 2002 04:04

--- Ryan Schroeder [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Could someone point me a a good reference for styling form
> elements. I haven't found a complete one anywhere. 

Nothing is ever complete, but I've got a couple examples over at

Take extra care with forms, there are quite a few compatibility
issues; I mention a few on that page. Also, remember that Internet
Explorer 6 still can't handle attribute selectors, so if IE5/6 is
your target browser you'll have to use something else, e.g. id or
class selectors. And beware of Doctype switching, too... forms can
look completely different in quirk and standard mode.

> Specifically
> I'm interesting in styling the border elements. I've seen 
> some pages where the buttons look "flat" Thanks.

This can be done with the border property. The example below should
create a solid 1px gray border around all input elements. You'll have
to use a more specific selector if you want only certain input
elements selected. Note that form elements might completely break
down in Netscape 4 if you use styling.

input {border:solid 1px #cccccc;background-color:lime;color:red;}

<input type="submit" value="Submit this form">


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