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Sent by Holly Bergevin on 23 January 2004 16:04

From: Bruno Monteiro [EMAIL-REMOVED]>

>I´m having a problem with IE 5.x parsing of one of the main websites
>I´m developing  

>it seems that IE 5.x misleading box model isn´t corrected by
>the open-source javascript that we include for that purpose.

>Can you help on confirming the problem?... and if possible,
>of some flaw present in the code or a way to solve this?

>The url is:
Hi Bruno - I'm not sure if the JavaScript is causing the problem you're experiencing, but I can give
you a (mostly) CSS solution/workaround to fix the faulty display in IE5.x-win. Add the following
selector to your style sheet, right after the #perfnav ruleset - 

/* \*/
* html #perfnav {width: 550px; w\idth: auto;}
/* */

This will feed the IE5.x-win browsers a width for the horizontal nav UL, which they seem to need.
IE6's width is reset to auto, as it can't have the width. The whole thing is hidden from IE5-mac.

To make this work completely, you'll need to go into the html and put a non-breaking (nbsp) space
between Não and Docente in the text of that two-word LI. Otherwise, IE5.x-win will wrap that LI.
Note, this part is important!

Finally, should you desire to have the vertical navigation links on the left side of the page fully
clickable in IE-win browsers, you can add {height: 1%;} to the - #latnav li a:link, #latnav li
a:visited - selector, probably without difficulty being caused in other browsers. Basically, it's a
nonsensical value since the containing element has no height, therefore, it will be ignored, except
that it allows the links to be fully clickable in IE-win.



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