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Sent by David Dorward on 23 January 2004 16:04

On 23 Jan 2004, at 16:01, David Laakso wrote:
> Key F5 will refresh/reload the page on Windows. What key is used to do 
> that on a Mac?

F5 will not reload the page 'on Windows', it will reload the page in 
the particular
browser you happen to be using. In my browser (Firebird/Mac) the 
refresh key also
happens to be F5.

I suggest you tell people to refresh the page rather then trying to 
guess the
shortcut key to use, or provide an extensive list for all browser/os

I'd also use some term other then 'Next' for the link - it isn't the 
next, because
next implies a sequence, not a random selection.

What does this have to do with CSS?

David Dorward

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