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Re: [css-d] CSS is too elegant?

Sent by Chris Casciano on 25 January 2002 00:12

on 1/24/02 11:50 PM, Dave Strus at [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:

> Next, try borders, margins, padding, etc. After that, gradually learn
> more layout tricks.
> In order to simplify CSS, it is necessary to present it in chunks and
> not to be too eager to make the switch entirely. Rome wasn't built in a
> day, and neither was, say, A List Apart.


I must disagree here. From my experience, both in my own process of learning
and my observations of coworkers and friends, the major difficulty in
learning css comes when one uses the methods & workflow that they used with
old layout methods and then trying to add CSS on top of that. There's just
too many things to juggle. 1 part poor markup + 1 part old hacks + 1 part
unfamiliar css syntax + 1 part new browser quirks = a messy situation.
Here's my current approach:

The short of it is that I think its easier to start at the beginning and
work with simplified & proper markup. Then from there work in the mindset of
overriding the default behavior of each element on the page.

Another method I've seen work is to model the page build process after the
layers of a PhotoShop document. This works best when working primarily with
absolute positioning.

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