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Can CSS Be Used In Conjunction With JS To Provide Form Validation?

Sent by Michael Landis on 9 January 2004 21:09

Anthony wrote:

>What I'd like to do is provide a visual method of which fields are
>which I am pretty sure I've got down now.  I have a thin red border around
>the fields, as well as an asterisk and bold face labels for those required
>fields.  But, for SELECT elements, CHECKBOX and RADIO buttons - I don't
>what to do.

Eric wrote:

> most browsers have one kind of problem or another with form element

Indeed. Form controls are made by the operating system, not the browser
(with the exception of Gecko-based browsers). So it gets tricky trying to
style them. You might want to consider styling their containers -- placing
a border or background around the entire select box or radio button group
-- instead of styling the elements themselves.


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