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Re: [css-d] a couple funky things...

Sent by Stephanie Sullivan on 28 January 2002 00:12

on 1/28/02 12:23 AM, Lachlan Cannon at [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:

> So if the page is styled in css,
> then a print style sheet should be fine, but if it uses
> tables, you might need to consider maiing a "printer
> friendly page".

Thanks... Mine doesn't use tables... it uses layer stacked on top of each
other that hide/show on a click... only the z-index is different...

So my thought was that if I try to show them without all the "scrollability"
and dressiness, the CSS print sheet still wouldn't work since the layers are
absolutely positioned inline (in the head)...

IF I moved head styles into a separate file and then made another for
printing, might that work? Like I said, I'm rather new at this... :-P

Stephanie Sullivan
VioletSky Design

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and
looks like work." -- Thomas A. Edison
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