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Re: [css-d] form style reference

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 28 January 2002 00:12

At 19:24 -0500 1/27/02, Ryan Schroeder wrote:
>Could someone point me a a good reference for styling form elements. I
>haven't found a complete one anywhere. Specifically I'm interesting in
>styling the border elements. I've seen some pages where the buttons look
>"flat" Thanks.

    I don't actually know of a complete form-styling reference, in 
part because support for the styling of form elements has been spotty 
(see <> for at least some of the 
NN4.x story) and also because the styling semantics of form elements 
are poorly understood, even at the specification level.  Making 
buttons "flat" is usually accomplished like this:

    input {border: 1px solid black;}

...or whatever border style/color/width you prefer.  The problem 
comes when you start trying to do things like pad a form element. 
Where should the padding go on a checkbox, for example?  Which parts 
of a radio button will the background color fill in?  In many cases 
these kinds of ambiguities have led browser authors to restrict the 
styles that can be applied to form elements, or else make guesses 
that don't always hold up.
    If you have a specific idea or goal in mind, the list members 
might be able to help you get there.

Eric A. Meyer (, List Somethingorother
"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
   -- Martina Kosloff
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