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anchor links not working

Sent by Laura Watts on 5 January 2004 22:10

hi everyone,

i'm creating a website for a client and i'm having problems with
my anchor links working in IE Mac 5.0, however, the links work
fine in Windows XP IE and Mac OSX Mozilla Firebird. 

my stylesheet is a tweaked version of a style sheet
(i'm still new to tableless designs).

here is the page in question:

here is the stylesheet:

also, why is a horizontal scrollbar showing up? i am vexed. it
doesn't in these other pages that have the same layout:

I'm also having issues with space being added between the left
nav images -- at the bottom of the nav in Windows XP IE and
between all images in Mac OSX Camino. any suggestions?

thank you so much!

laura w
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