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Sent by David Dorward on 3 January 2004 20:08

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 20:08, David Holloway wrote:

> 1. You have specified to use the HTML 4.01 Doctype.

There are several HTML 4.01 Doctypes

> When certain browsers see this doctype they throw themselves into "Quirks-mode"
> which can cause CSS to be drawn incorrectly. You should specify an XHTML doctype.

No. Unless there is some specific need to use XHTML, you should almost
certainly be using HTML 4.01 Strict with a URI in the Doctype.

> I prefer to use XHTML 1.1. My template is here:

XHTML comes with a whole new load of baggage, XHTML 1.1 especially as it
doesn't include appendix C (the dubious HTML compatibility guidelines)

> 2.Have you considered having display.jpg

I'd be more concerned with the use of FIR - there is no title if images
are turned off.

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