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Assigning heading tags for content display

Sent by Dave G on 2 January 2004 13:01

> Sometimes we can get too focused on being semantic that we miss the 
> simple answers.

	I agree, and I realise I'm being a contrary to an extent.
Probably I started off in a bad mood on the topic because of this
"Jukka" guy just coming in and telling me I'm an idiot for simply asking
a question.
	It seems what people who are comfortable with CSS can forget
that for those of us who are new to it, that after being told "*never*
use <font>, <b> and <i> tags anymore" with such rigid authority, one can
come to expect that there is a specific tag that should be used for
every kind of element in a page. For a beginner, you feel like you're
committing a crime against CSS if you just "use a DIV and be done with
it", like in this footer case.

Dave G

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