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Assigning heading tags for content display

Sent by Dave G on 2 January 2004 10:10

> That depends on what the footer is. If its a paragraph, then yes. A
> <div> is more common.

This is starting to get at the heart of my confusion. I thought the
point of CSS was to look at things more in terms of what they are and
less in terms of how they display. Putting a footer in a DIV seems
somewhat arbitrary and does not, at first, tell me anything about what
it is.
Assuming my footers are at least partially text (mine state copyright
and credit information), then aren't they a heading of sorts? They don't
sit at the top of anything, sure, but they can be thought of as a sort
of post-content heading. I mean, a footer isn't text "content", so it
doesn't make sense to me to apply a <p> tag to it.
I guess to me it seems that footers are either special form of content,
or special form of heading, and as I discuss it, I think I would prefer
to think of them as the latter, and follow the formatting style that
Timothy described.

Dave G

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