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Assigning heading tags for content display

Sent by Dave G on 2 January 2004 09:09


> > <h3> - Footer text that appears at the bottom of every page 
> Hrm.  I guess that doesn't seem to make much sense to me.  If 
> we are going  
> top-down, why would h3 jump all the way down?

Well, I was trying to think outside of layout order and more in terms of
importance of the content. The footer, which contains copyright
information and credit for the content, and appears more regularly,
which is why it appears earlier in the order.
But I can see your point about layout flow. I think I like the way
you've described your hierarchy of importance, so I'll use that as a
guideline. Thanks for spelling it out.

> ps - this seems a little more like evolt/thelist material 
> than css, but  
> I'm not the OnTopic police.

I've never heard of those lists before. I'll check them out and see if
what I'm talking about should be posted there. Thanks for mentioning

Dave G

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