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Assigning heading tags for content display

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 2 January 2004 04:04

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004 12:36:04 +0900, Dave G [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> To make a long story short, here's how I've assigned some tags to
> respective content:
> <h1> - Web site title that appears top of every page
> <h2> - Web page title for that particular page's content

Those look fine, although some might say that H1 should be the page title.

> <h3> - Footer text that appears at the bottom of every page

Hrm.  I guess that doesn't seem to make much sense to me.  If we are going  
top-down, why would h3 jump all the way down?

> <h4> - Menu text which appears top of every page
> <h5> - breadcrumb text, appears both top and bottom, very small

I tend to think of it this way, although I don't think it is required that  
others think of it this way:

h1	Most Important, once per page (site title, although page title makes  
sense too)
h2	Very Important, once per page (page title)
h3	Important sub-section headers (usually at least 1 or more per page)
h4	Narrower division of page content
h5	Navigation
h6	Breadcrumb

I tend to think of it like an outline (note: this is my idea, not W3  

--- page header ---
--- page body ---
--- page navigation/footer (*) ---

So having H3 at the bottom of the page wouldn't make much sense

(*) NOTE: I'm assuming you mean "at the bottom" without CSS positioning,  
the way that it would be seen by Lynx or Google.  My navigation stuff  
tends to be on the left or right with CSS, but in the actual markup, it is  
at the bottom of the page.

I wouldn't want to commit to relegating my H3 to footer text.  You might  
decide that you want to use it

> <p> - text content of web site
> <em> - italizized content
> <strong> - bold content

Yup... em/strong have semantic meaning as well, but their default styles  
are also italic/bold in most browsers

> <span class="class"> - I use "class" to define any unusual or unique
> formatting requirements

Yes.  If there is just one on the page you can use <span id="foo"> but  
only one (id="foo") per page.


ps - this seems a little more like evolt/thelist material than css, but  
I'm not the OnTopic police.

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