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[css-d] a couple funky things...

Sent by Stephanie Sullivan on 27 January 2002 19:07

Hi people, I'm relatively new at this CSS stuff... I like what I've done
with it so far, and on each site, I try to do a little more...

A site I put up last week has a couple quirks... Maybe you guys can help...
I was doing a bit of an experiment in putting the entire site on one page...
it's basically an information-rich site that really doesn't require alot of
images... So there were some good and bad things about that... and I might
change a little if I did it again... but for now here are my issues...

In NN 6.2 Mac, my third layer flyout menu (cancer management) is not picking
up the link style (but hover is fine)... IE is correct...

I added a "scroll" instructional "thingy" by the arrows (you'll see what I
mean when you get there)... and in NN it's positioned correctly (in the
center) but in IE, it's all the way up to the top... :(

Lastly, I neglected to consider printing (it was a rush redesign planned in
about 30 minutes with 2 days to get it live)... Should I just make plain
vanilla pages with the layers from the scroller? Or is there a CSS way to
pull that off?

And yes, I realize that my site doesn't work if javascript is turned off...
:-P  I've got to do some sort of sniffer to deal with tat as well... Any
suggestions from you who regularly do DHTML sites?

Thanks for any help... though much of what's discussed here is over my head,
it IS definitely opening my eyes... :) Thanks...

Stephanie Sullivan
VioletSky Design

"Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more
powerful in the mature than in the young." -W. Somerset Maugham
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