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Re: [css-d] form style reference

Sent by Stephanie Sullivan on 27 January 2002 19:07

on 1/27/02 7:24 PM, Ryan Schroeder at [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:

> Could someone point me a a good reference for styling form elements. I
> haven't found a complete one anywhere. Specifically I'm interesting in
> styling the border elements. I've seen some pages where the buttons look
> "flat" Thanks.

Hi Ryan... I can't remember where I got it, could have been a book... but if
you want to go look at my style sheet for this page: ... I did his forms with CSS (the
menubar at the top are graphics ... the form submit button is CSS...

Also, a page I'm working on tonight (so don't worry if the Left navigation
looks rather strange... :-P ) is:
Those buttons are a bit more "flat" looking...


Stephanie Sullivan
VioletSky Design

"To me, the computer is just another tool. It's like a pen. You have to have
a pen, and know penmanship, but neither will write the book for you." -- Red
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