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Re: [css-d] Intermediaries

Sent by Lea de Groot on 27 January 2002 18:06

On Monday, January 28, 2002, G. scribed:
> Almost immediately, after I got a somewhat nodding acquaintance with CSS, I
> noticed that designers were forced to employ CSS workarounds (i.e.. the
> Tantek Celik hack) to accommodate those browsers that only marginally
> supported standards (or "supported" them according to their own
> definitions). It seemed to me only another instance where the designer was
> creating additional code and acquiescing to faulty standards implementation
> by browser developers.

The difference between CSS-based hacks and the older html-based hacks
is that the CSS hacks are done once in one place.
Yes, they are necessary at the moment, but I naively like to believe
that over time the browsers will handle CSS in a more
standards-compliant way and the hacks will no longer be necessary, as
older browsers drop out of use - then it is a one-time 10-second fix
to update the css file for the site :)

As more CSS standards come online there will always be hacks, as the
bleeding edge stuff is interpreted by browser developers and
implemented (maybe what we really need is inhumanly good editing at
W3C so that there is no interpretation needed? :)
But with time the more basic stuff (current CSS2) will surely become

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