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Re: [css-d] first-line applied to only first element

Sent by Kevin Smith on 27 January 2002 13:01

On 01.27.2002 1:16 PM, aardvark wrote:

> i have a series of <p>s in a <div>... i want to *not* class anything i
> don't have to...
> how can i get the first <p> in the <div> (which has an id) to accept
> a first-line property *without* it cascading to all other <p>s in the
> <div>?

In Moz/N6 & MacIE5, you could use :first-child.

You could wrap the <p>'s you *don't* want affected in another <div> &
overrule the :first-line rule later in the cascade, but that's even less
appealing than using classes, IMO.

kevin c smith
tatnet, inc.
t: 410.571.9462
f: 410.571.9442
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