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Is it IE or me?

Sent by Zoe Gillenwater on 18 November 2003 13:01

Hershel Robinson wrote:

>Is there a good reason to avoid these keywords and use ems or percentages

I always liked CSS for giving us the flexibility to use more than just 
the standard 7 HTML font sizes, but if you use keywords, you're sticking 
yourself with those 7 sizes again.  But this may not be important to you 
-- most sites really don't use or need a whole range of fine font size 
differences.  But that's one pro to using ems or percentages.

Another pro -- they are relative to the user's font size.  If a user has 
their default font set to large, and then you go and set everything to 
small as a base font, you are overriding their preferences right off the 

The css-d wiki probably has even more information about the pros and 
cons of each approach -- it's a continual debate.

As I said before, if you do use ems or percentages you would be wise to 
set a percentage font size in the body to avoid IE font size inheritance 


Zoe M. Gillenwater
Design Specialist
Highway Safety Research Center

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