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Is it IE or me?

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 17 November 2003 21:09

At 2:16 PM -0500 11/17/03, Hershel Robinson wrote:
>It is a very simple web page.
>On IE6 Win 2K at Text Size Medium, the font size of the third line looks
>bigger than the first two. On Test Size Largest, it is CLEARLY larger.
>According to the CSS there, however, the last line should be SMALLER than
>the first two.

No, according to the CSS there, the last line should be smaller than 
the size specified in the body (which, as it happens, is whatever the 
user default is).

The keywords "medium" and "small", which you are using for the 
headers, are absolute font sizes.  They determine the size according 
to the browser settings, irrespective of how any other page elements 
are defined.  The keyword "smaller", on the other hand, is not an 
absolute font size, but rather is a relative size.  The size to which 
it relates is that of the parent element.  In this case, the parent 
is not either of the headers, but rather is the body of your 
document.  In your body declaration, however, you have not specified 
a size, which means that the paragraph should render as one size 
smaller than whatever the browser default is.  In most browsers, the 
default will be "medium", so the secondary header and the paragraph 
will be the same literal size.  (Note that the header will be bolded 
by default in most browsers.  Paradoxically, the bolding may make the 
header appear smaller than it is, as you perception of the thickness 
of the letter forms reduces the perceived height of the font.)  Note 
that in IE5 versions, the browser default is set to "small", which 
would make the paragraph text appear to be "x-small" in those 

At text size "largest" as set in the IE UI, therefore, I would expect 
that you'd get the paragraph to display at roughly the same as what 
you'd get if you set the CSS font-size to keyword "large", or a full 
two sizes larger than the secondary header appears.



-Adam Kuehn
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