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[css-d] re: Putting together a tool set

Sent by Scott L. Holmes on 27 January 2002 10:10

Nick Finck responded to my question to the group
with the following:

>> Here is what I think... keep in mind, this is
for a windows "web
designer and developer" ...not your average
markup developer.

Macromedia Homesite 5.0
Adobe Photoshop 6.1
Bradbury TopStyle Pro 2.5
Microsoft Visio Pro 2002 + web dev and UML
WatchFire LinkBot 6.0
Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1
Adobe Font Folio 9.0
Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro 7.0

Thank you for the suggestions and for the record,
I'm a windows based designer and developer.  I
consciencously didn't talk (directly) about OS
platform because so many of the tools available
come in a variety of flavors - OS choice appears
to be moot when it comes to toolsets for web

Of all the suggestions (and I thank the others
that responded) the WatchFire LinkBot seems to be
the one suggestion of a tool I was getting at. It
appears to be quite functional in assisting with
troubleshooting the complexity of a modern site. 
But I'm still looking for tools that will help
with the overall management of links and other
resources that is standards based (W3 XHTML) and
has an eye towards the future (.NET).

One thing I was thinking of was a Link/Resource
database that generates code.  Any ideas? 
Perhaps, I should develop my own? Something that
injects tables of links into existing web pages. 
Does anybody else think this idea is useful?


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