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[css-d] re: Putting together a tool set

Sent by Scott L. Holmes on 27 January 2002 10:10

Ziya responded to my comment:
>> 3. Concentrate on the information because you
>> can assume your design will suck.
>How so?

My comment was based on a brilliant statement
made by David Dickens in the "What happend"

>>This isn't art, it's design.  Most architects
don't get to make the Getty museum.  They make
factories, warehouses, and apartment blocks. 
engineers don't make the Golden Gate, they make
the 101-405 interchange (representing LA here
*grin*) and runoff embankments for landfills.<<

I spend perhaps a little too much time surfing
the web, researching things I'm interested in. 
About the only web site design I've found even
remotely interesting is: is set up in the style of an old timey
adventure game only with multi-media. Compelling.
 Also compelling (but not quite as beautiful) is

The web in aggregate has to be about the ugliest
thing yet invented by man.


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