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Re: [css-d] charsets

Sent by rudy on 27 January 2002 10:10

> Actually, to validate as XHTML, I need to use CSS and a charset
> in my heads ...

hi abbey

the validator warning about the charset missing is just that, a warning

a whole nuther discussion is why so many of us (myself included) have that
referrer link to at the bottom of our pages -- if anybody
were ever to contact me to point out a page of mine that had failed
validation, i would, after peeling myself off the wall, reply with profuse

> ... since I have php short tags on at my server. So, if I use the
>    <? xml opening tag, my server balks and throws a parse error
> since it thinks the first two symbols are for php.

that's clear, but if your pages are all processed by php, couldn't you get
php to generate this first line of source code?

>In order to remove the opening xml declaration and still validate, I need
>to use the charset metatag -- or at least that's what the W3C validator
>says. I use UTF 8 which initially produces some interesting characters in
>N4.7, but once the page loads, they go away.

more in this article --

  The Netscape charset burp

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