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Re: [css-d] charsets

Sent by abbey on 27 January 2002 10:10

At 04:19 AM 1/27/2002 +0000, Andrew Clover wrote:
>Merlin Emrys [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> > Although this may be a bit off topic, which of these three metatags for
> > character sets is preferable, and why?
>If there are no characters in your document in the range 128-255, it
>doesn't matter, you can leave the charset info <meta> stuff out.
>(The validator may give a warning, but it's not an error and you're free
>to disregard it.)
>Oh yeah, you're right, it *is* off-topic. Join more mailing lists! They're
>great! :-)

Actually, to validate as XHTML, I need to use CSS and a charset in my heads 
since I have php short tags on at my server. So, if I use the <? xml 
opening tag, my server balks and throws a parse error since it thinks the 
first two symbols are for php.

In order to remove the opening xml declaration and still validate, I need 
to use the charset metatag -- or at least that's what the W3C validator 
says. I use UTF 8 which initially produces some interesting characters in 
N4.7, but once the page loads, they go away.

So, for me, charsets and CSS are very much related -- thank you for the 
explanation. I've just been doing it because . . .


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