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I hate to be the devil but...

Sent by Christoph Päper on 3 November 2003 12:12

*Alan Home*:

Bait token.

> I see a lot of people spending a lot of time getting their pages to look
> good in Safari and Opera.

Well, most of the time is spent on making it look good on IEs, which is the
hardest. Opera and Geckos just work, so does KHTML most of the time.

> Is it really worth it?


> I don't even want to put any time into Netscape

4.x and older?

> because of its lack of use by the general public.

Which commercial site maintainer is interested in "the general public",
they're almost always interested in "the paying public"--sometimes they don't
realize that, though.

> Is there some reason to spend time on this other than
> pleasing the 0.8% of users that visit my site with Opera?

Well, ever wondered, *why* it's only 0.8%? Wideness of distribution is just
one factor.

Last time I checked I had around 5% requests by Operas, not counting the ones
identifying themselves as a different browser (most likely IE), because I'm
too lazy to parse the logs myself and my hoster hasn't adjusted the Webalizer
presets; IE about half the requests, Netscapes+Mozillas a third, the rest
other browsers, search engine crawlers and spam bots, validators, wget etc.,
agents with modified UA strings.

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