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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Ben Henick on 27 January 2002 06:06

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, CodeBitch wrote:

> >Actually, nested blocks used in combination with the float property (or
> >positioning) make this a viable - if not straightforward - presentation
> >objective.
> >
> >Yes, I'll write a demonstration, if asked.
> >
> If one is willing to add in the images for the corners explicitly, it's
> quite simple.
> Why "crash/nocrash"?  The second one crashes most versions of Netscape 4
> (float, clear and margin together -- workaround is to put the clear
> property into a separate stylesheet and hide it with @import).

I don't think it's possible to get rounded corners, unless you use either
images or Flash.

I doubt that anyone here is hoping for a demonstration that works
flawlessly in Netscape 4.  Further, I hope that's the case.

You'd have to give me a damned good reason (such as the one made of
little slips of paper printed with a portrait of B. Franklin in a green
duotone, which does nicely *grin*) to not default to a presentation that
degrades in some obvious way for the benefit of Netscape 4 users.

When I look at it, left and right borders show up.  I'm using IE5.5/Win

I am presently pondering the approach that I want to take...

That said, you've helped me out as I see it, since a demonstration has in
fact been made - even though I'm gonna write my markup from scratch.

Ben Henick
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