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Re: [css-d] Back to Schneider Tree Care

Sent by michael on 27 January 2002 04:04

> When rolled over with Moz 9.7 and Nav 6.2 the place where the
> spacer image is goes black. It doesn't change the whole TD
> because the text and link background don't change.
> Moz 9.7 Nav 6.2 on a Mac OS 9.2.2
> No other browsers on my mac do this ...  iCab, Opera, IE.

PC versions do it as well. As to why, it's hard to say. It does definitely
look like the <img> tag is picking up on the :hover selector since it's not
explicitly tied to any one element. I wouldn't call the hover problem a bug
though. Most UA's used to only apply :hover to hyperlinks. Perhaps this is
Moz and NS just allowing img the luxury of the hover state.

Getting back to the layout problem though; it would work better as a two
column parent table with the left and right info nested in the appropriate
column. This would avoid the earlier problems which had to do with the left
side table pushing the right side <td> down and creating all the white

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