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Re: [css-d] Back to Schneider Tree Care

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 27 January 2002 02:02

At 17:59 -0500 1/26/02, Judy Benedict wrote:
>As for the CSS validation, usually I get "No error or warning found!"
>"Congratulations!"  "This document validates as CSS!"  ON this tree site
>I get "Congratulations!"  "This document validates as CSS!"  Then the
>warnings is below with nothing beside it.  This is why I suspect
>something is wrong that I cannot see.

    I ran the W3C validator and got a single warning:

	Line : 195 Level : 2 Redefinition of text-align : .center

...which means "You've defined a value for 'text-align' on the 
selector '.center' more than once."  It isn't a tragedy or even 
really much of a problem.  It's just the validator trying to help you 
be more efficient and avoid the potential for unexpected behavior in 
your document.  You could pretty much get rid of the '.center' rule 
near the end of your stylesheet without anything changing, at least 
so far as I can tell.

Eric A. Meyer (, List Somethingorother
"CSS is much too interesting and elegant to be not taken seriously."
   -- Martina Kosloff
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