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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Eric A. Meyer on 13 September 2003 19:07

At 21:13 -0400 9/12/03, Trish and John Day wrote:

>BUT... wouldn't you want your navigation to be first? After all, that IS
>what is most important to a first time visitor of any of your pages...
>knowing how to get around. It's just also equally important to be able to
>bypass it if you've already been there, done that.

    In my recent designs (both and, 
I've put the source in the order 
masthead-content-sidebar-navigation-footer, and provided skiplinks to 
the post-content sections of the document.  I use 'display: none' to 
hide the skiplinks, a technique I may have to reconsider in light of 
this thread.

>Ah well, I'm sure that if our list chaperone weren't so busy these days, he
>would say that this thread has gotten far off topic. But, I for one, find
>that it has been most useful.

    I agree that it's useful, and one of the reasons the thread has 
been allowed to continue is that it continues to mine the 
intersection of accessibility and CSS to yield practical design 
techniques.  The other reason, I must admit, is that the tone of the 
thread has remained civil, helpful, and respectful.  In cases where a 
thread is on the borderline between being on- and off-topic, often 
the deciding factor is how the thread members have conducted 

Eric A. Meyer (, List Chaperone
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