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Gecko not quirky

Sent by Richard Grevers on 13 September 2003 13:01


The above page uses the method described by Eric Bednarz 
( ) to emulate fixed positioning in 
MSIE. THis method requires that IE6 is running in quirks mode. It also 
works fine in Opera. Gecko, however, seems not to allow for the 40px div 
on the left, and calculates the menu labels too wide. Any suggestions as 
to how to make Gecko behave the asme as Opera and IE, given that the 
doctype is XHTML 1.0?

Checks in Mac and Linux browsers would also be welcome. Please note that 
the rest of the pages are not compatible with the layout changes and new 
stylesheets - they will not render well until their scripts are adapted..

I do intend disabling the slide effect in Gecko because it is rendered so 
Richard Grevers
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