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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by John Colby on 13 September 2003 09:09

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At 16:36 13/09/2003 +1200, Richard Grevers wrote:

>Well you might want to treat the index page of a site as a special case, 
>with navigation first. But on one of my sites my switch to content-first 
>was prompted by a test which showed it took 40 seconds of listening to the 
>same navigation text on every page before you got to the business of the page.

To reinforce Richard's experience, a few months ago I was watching someone 
learn Jaws - we went to the Marks and Spencer (large UK well known 
retailer)  Home Page to do some shopping. The speech out of the reader said:

"Marks and Spencer homepage"

"Sixty seven links"

and proceeded to list them.

Before we ever got to the content.

And it happened like this on every page.

Which is why I put my navigation after the content. 

And I notice that Eric Meyer does as well at - view the 
source and look for <div id="panel">

And I agree that the index page is a special place - so why not the 
navigation material as the content. (see my site above)

OK, I'm not under the commercial pressures from marketeers to make sites 
'pretty' - but I am under legislative pressures from the Disability 
Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and the Special Educational Needs and 
Disability Act 2001 (SENDA). More provisions of SENDA came into force on 
September 1st 2003. However, prettyness is not an issue - we've all seen 
from csszengarden how stunning sites can look completely separating the 
content from the presentation.


John Colby
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