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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Bob Easton on 13 September 2003 00:12

Bob Sawyer wrote:
> This is a great discussion, but I think the focus has fallen away from the
> original question. If I may jump in here for a minute:
> Question: do any of the major screen readers send a user-agent string when
> they hit a page? '
Simple answer: no.  From what I am slowly learning, most of the screen 
readers depend directly on Windows APIs to tell them what is displayed. 
  For example, IBM's Home Page Reader takes its feed from IE's DOM.  HPR 
has no concept of stylesheets. Other screen readers appear to use other 
"screen scraping" techniques, again without understanding style sheets.

At the moment, it looks like coding style sheets for screen readers is a 
waste of time.

Bob Easton

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