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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Julian on 11 September 2003 15:03

There was a contributor to this discussion the other day stating that they have a motor handicap and
use the keyboard rather than the mouse - this person did not seem to be visually handicapped.
However, by depending on the keyboard for navigation around a page, it was beneficial to this person
to have a visible "skip navigation" link so this person (and other similar persons) could use the
link to move directly to the body content of the page and presumably scroll down through the body
content as they were reading.

For this reason, I am planning to make my "skip navigation" link visible.

However, the stylesheet switch approach seems to be a valid method of providing an alternate
accessible page without actually having to create an alternate accessible page. :-)

I am going to have to keep this trick in mind.


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Kay Smoljak wrote:

I'm not very experienced with accessibility issues - can anyone see any flaws in this approach?

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