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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Kay Smoljak on 11 September 2003 14:02

Bob Easton wrote:
>  Instead, we now see
> designers putting skip navigation links, and other sorts of
> accessibility material, in pages as simple text and then hiding
> it from the screen with display:none.

I look after a reasonably large site used by an extremely wide and varied
audience that I'd like to add some accessibility features to. As it's an
arts festival, the visual aspect is very important too.

One option that just occurred to me as I was reading this thread is to have
a stylesheet switcher (using server-side code) to turn on the "skip
navigation" link, text-only titles, higher contrast colours etc. If could
place the link to this version somehow high in the source-order of the page
(and visually significant, in the main menu or something), both screen
readers and visual browser-using people who require it could gain access

I'm not very experienced with accessibility issues - can anyone see any
flaws in this approach?


Kay Smoljak

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