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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Curtis Clark on 10 September 2003 06:06

on 2003-09-09 12:38 [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:
> However, your small text technique does not comply with Joe Clark's
> recommendation (according to another on this list) which was to
> suggest large text.

If I remember correctly (the text of the book is on the web, at, the idea is that it should be large enough that you 
notice it and can tell when you've tabbed to it, which IMO would rule 
out 8px text, or #eeeeee on white, but perhaps not text that would be 
annoyingly small if you had to read a paragraph of it.

If IE implemented a:focus, it would be even easier. (It's probably a 
good idea to set it anyway, for those browsers that use it.)

Curtis Clark        
Mockingbird Font Works        

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