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What do screen readers really say?

Sent by Austin, Darrel on 9 September 2003 18:06

> That is, code for standards (@media aural is a
> standard and certainly one that screen reader authors should 
> have jumped on)

Remember that these are SCREEN readers...not Aural Web Browsers.

A screen reader needs to do just the screen...everything...not
just your web pages. It needs to read Word DOCs, spreadsheets, databases,
email, help files, etc. It really doesn't care what's underneath the simply needs to make a normally sight-centric computer interface
usable for those sans-sight.

So, as for coding to standards, it really has nothing to do with screen
readers. It certainly applies to Aural web browsers, though.

Two comments on the study:

1) THANKS! Great resource!

2) What are people's opinion of the skip-link practice for those that aren't
sight impaired. Does it help those with physical handicaps? I imagine there
are a lot of people that depend on tabbing through navigation and I can see
a visible SKIP NAVIGATION element being useful when there are lots of
navigation prior to a form or other sort of interaction required.

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