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Re: [css-d] Putting together a tool set

Sent by Nick Finck on 26 January 2002 20:08

> My question to the group is "What tools can we
> use to build a modern web site?"

Here is what I think... keep in mind, this is for a windows "web
designer and developer" ...not your average markup developer.

Macromedia Homesite 5.0
Adobe Photoshop 6.1
Bradbury TopStyle Pro 2.5
Microsoft Visio Pro 2002 + web dev and UML add-ons
WatchFire LinkBot 6.0
Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1
Adobe Font Folio 9.0
Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro 7.0

- Nick

Editor in Chief - Digital Web Magazine -
Web Designer and Developer -
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