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Re: [css-d] IE5-Mac Offset

Sent by Michael Boyle on 24 January 2002 23:11

Hi - I'll introduce myself.

I expect I'm a little bit different than many here in that I work 
exclusively on the business end of the web now. Used to build sites 
for food (94-98), but now I just do that side of things for fun - and 
of course to keep current.

I'm having problems moving over to full-CSS techniques, due mainly to 
the quirky rendering bugs and inconsistencies that continue to 
surprise. The latest is on the test of my new design at You'll see that in Netscape 6 the main 
text div is very narrow - though I think it is doing what it should 
be doing. In both Mac IE 5.1 and Win 5.5 it renders perfectly, though 
I don't think it *should* be doing so (I have both a margin-right: 
160px AND a right: 160px for that div). Any hints or workarounds 
would be appreciated.

At 11:13 PM -0500 1/24/02, Al Sparber wrote:
>scrolls horizontally for what seems to be a value close or equal to, the
>left offset of the Div.
>Has anyone encountered this, and if so... is there a workaround?

Al, if you visit the site referenced above you'll see the same thing 
happens. In fact, I have noticed it in most, if not all, of the 
little test things I've done to get up to speed. Can't help much 
unfortunately. The only thing I've noticed is that the width you can 
scroll also seems very close to the width of the scrollbar in the 
browser. I wonder if there's some miscalculation of the width of view 
portal (aka the window) in Mac IE?


Michael Boyle                                   <>
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