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Sent by Judy Benedict on 26 January 2002 17:05

Okay.  I have unsuccessfully tried to change the rowspan.  No difference
in layout on the right side.

I placed my class of "top" .top {vertical-align:top;} on anything I
could.  No difference.

I added a transparent gif to the page so that it would push everything
up on the page.  This worked.  I really hate the whitespace but they
have that long side bar that I don't like but they want to keep it like

As for the CSS validation, usually I get "No error or warning found!"
"Congratulations!"  "This document validates as CSS!"  ON this tree site
I get "Congratulations!"  "This document validates as CSS!"  Then the
warnings is below with nothing beside it.  This is why I suspect
something is wrong that I cannot see.

Judy Benedict
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