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[css-d] how to replace simple layout table please?

Sent by Chris on 26 January 2002 17:05

Hello. I have a *lot* of tables in my website used just for layout. In fact,
I don't think I have *ever* used a table *as* a data table on the 'net!
While my eventual goal is to remove all my layout tables, I want to ask a
simple question to start (here I go again, Eric!)

On I have several one-row
two-column tables with a graphic in the left cell and a text description in
the right cell. Each table has <br> between it and the next table. This is
obviously a stupid way to do things, but it's all I know right now and
that's why I'm here.

How do I get a similar effect (and one that will degrade gracefully in older
or non-css browsers) without using the two-cell layout tables? I would like
the graphics and text to be centered horizontally on the page too, so on
screens higher than 800x600 it's not all scrunched over to the left.

I hope somebody can help. Thank you. Chris Watson, a.k.a. "The Bicycling
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