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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Brett Merkey on 26 January 2002 17:05

From: "Judy Benedict" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
| I was asked by a PR/Copywriter to work with her web design clients
| because the person she was using got another job.  I asked her how they
| did their sites and her response was, "Oh, we use Net Objects so that we
| don't have to really know how to learn anything."   This approach just
| gets my goat!

Don't have your goat gotten. :-)   People and companies bound to a
particular tool always pay a heavy price in the end. When NetObjects
announced they were folding last summer, there were a lot of panicky
reactions from NetObjects users who were facing the eventuality of
completely re-doing sites. The nested table horror of NOF is such that
only NOF could maintain that ancient and bloated code. They would
have to start from scratch.

The tool-bound victims could breathe a sigh of (temporary) relief when
NOF was recently bought by a firm that makes and maintains sites
for small businesses. Nice fit.  >;->   Maintaining sites is always where
the real profit is and if the site is in code that is so bizarre that the client
cannot possibly maintain it, then you have a bit of easy money.

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