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Re: [css-d] What happened to design?

Sent by Judy Benedict on 26 January 2002 17:05

Ben Henick said:
> Web, I can't help but think that the majority are utterly in the dark,
> constrained by their tools and bosses/clients who say "I don't care
> you do it, just get it done."  And because CSS implementation is such
> minefield (f--- you very much, Marc and Lou) even the most thoughtful
> developer will look at his/her deadlines and stick to what they know.

I was asked by a PR/Copywriter to work with her web design clients
because the person she was using got another job.  I asked her how they
did their sites and her response was, "Oh, we use Net Objects so that we
don't have to really know how to learn anything."   This approach just
gets my goat!

Judy Benedict
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