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Re: [css-d] Min-Height Compatability & p-tag probs

Sent by Jason Estes on 30 July 2003 15:03

> The site is viewable here:
> The site's CSS is viewable here:
> The first problem is the very large space between the two
> paragraphs (something I had already sent a e-mail to the list about.) It
> was working fine and then once I actually started using my CMS (Moveable
> Type,) things got "quirky." If you look you'll notice the very large gap
> between the two paragraphs. I've worked with the margin top of the text
> with no avail - can anyone see why it's so wide all of a sudden?
> Second - is the property min-height compatible with IE 6.0? I
> have two <div>'s -- #container and #content. The #container takes care
> of the white box and the #content actually holds the content inside. The
> odd thing is that in IE 6 the #container div will go to that min-height,
> but the #content div will not -- is there a problem with having a <div>
> inside another <div> in regards to the min-height?

IE does not recognize the min-height attribute, however there is a solution
that will work as IE has other bugs that you can exploit for this purpose,
namely, setting a definitive height is supposed to be fixed, but IE will
push a container open to fit the content in.  So you can give IE a height,
and give other more compatible browsers a height:auto and a min-height and
that will provide the same effect for both IE and others.  Here's an example
of one way to do this.

  height:300px /*Set this for IE Windows*/

/*this is a way to get more compliant browsers to use min-height as IE Win
doesn't recognize the attribute selector*/
#container[id] {

The only caveat to this is to make sure that IE 5 on the Mac is taken care
of, because I think that it doesn't recognize attribute selectors either,
but still acts the same as Moz as far as the height of the container being
fixed.  So, you may have to provide one additional hack to that browser to
get consistent results.  I can't remember for sure though, just check and
see.  And if you find out, lemme know.


Jason Estes

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