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Re: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by Ben Nunn on 26 January 2002 14:02

> The question is: Should I go for a full CSS layout or a combined table/CSS
> layout? Which would give me the most freedom to explore something
> other than the layout I currently have. I still haven't decided whether to
> go ice, jello or liquid (see I have picked up a few buzz words already!).
> have been tinkering with a few ideas but am unsure of which path I should
> focus on. Any of you guru's out there have any suggestions?
> Looking forward to any help or suggestions that may come of this.

Depends what you mean by combined layout. For the purposes of implementing
design, I would use .css wherever you possibly can, and not use html
elements for formating.


Structurally, <table>s are *fine* IMHO when presenting _data_ in tabular
format - first quarter results spreadsheet or a football league table for
example. In situations where rows and columns are just that - rows and
columns, tables are the logical and structural way to proceed. But when
doing this, be sure to use CSS classes to define the different types of cell
in your table, rather than the depracated bgcolor, border and other such

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