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[css-d] italics in IE causing rendering problem

Sent by Tribou, Eric on 18 July 2003 23:11

This is a problem that I have found to exist in at least IE 5.0 and up. I'm
hoping someone else has found it and there's a workaround.

I have a web page
which you will note has a line in the right column that is in italics. If,
under IE, you shrink the width of your window to the point that the line of
italics has wrapped at least one word and is about to wrap around another
word, the entire content area is pushed down below the left-hand column.

You can see a screenshot of this happening at:

To prove it's the italics, I've got a second page
which is the same as the first but without the italics.

Now I'm guessing the problem is in how the IE layout engine calculates the
width of italicized text.

Is there a workaround that anyone is aware of?


-Eric Tribou
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